MASCOT of the Day… Just a MUFFIN

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Mascot of the Day… FLAME ON!!!!

A variety of FLAMES here over the years. Even one’s with Helmets. Whodathunk…

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Mascots of the Day… Behind the Scenes of SUPERMARIO BASEBALL

Here’s a peek of what we did for the Classic SUPERMARIO BASEBALL!!


Commercial Project, this YETI was soft foam construction and details. What could we do for you?

Mascot of the Day… PAVEMAN!!

Done for a TV Show, PAVEMAN was literally made out of Pavement!

Mascot of the Day… OCTOPUS MAN!!!

Octopus Man was done for a TV Series for FUELTV… and he was scawee…

Mascot of the Day… STICK FIGURE!!

Commercial Project…

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Mascot of the Day… BOULDERMAN!!

Mascot of the Day… MOANA!!

Ok, technically not a Mascot… but a SCULPTURE. Kathie helped out with a team of sculptors to create these amazing MOANA Statues for Disneyland. Yes, KCL does more than Mascots. We build (OLP’s) Oversized Lightweight Props!!

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Mascot of the Day… STANKFOOT for Skechers

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