Nintendo’s SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE Behind the Scenes 2002!!!

A fun spot filmed in 2002 in Vancouver, SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE was just a one day shoot.

Although the commercial itself was a little off-beat below, the experience was fun hanging high in a jet-powered Mario Rocket!

Nintendo’s MARIO PARTY 4 Commercial From the 2002 Set!!!

Big shoot on this one for KCL. In 2002, Mario skied off a rooftop, Fireball almost drown as Yoshi, everyone beat the crap out of each other and Peach just watched. Great time…

Nintendo’s MARIO PARTY 4 Behind the Scenes BUILD!

Today, we have some great BEHIND THE SCENES shots of the Build of Super Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach for the 2002 Commercial of Nintendo’s MARIO PARTY 4 Game. See the actual spot below…

We were well into the builds of Nintendo Characters at this point, but there was plenty more to come… The below shot in Pasadena.

Nintendo’s ANIMAL CROSSING… from the Set!!

Here are some fun shots from the actual set of ANIMAL CROSSING. Plus, some of the spots themselves.

Behind the Scenes… Building Nintendo’s ANIMAL CROSSING Characters!!

ANIMAL CROSSING for Nintendo was an amazing project. Here’s some of the shots from the actual build in 2002.

MARIO KART 2001… How we prepped the Commercial

Nintendo’s MARIO KART in 2001 was a huge success. And in this series of shots, you can see us here at KCL getting the costumes ready to be shipped to Australia where we shot it.

Check out the actual Commercial below…

How we Built SUPER MARIO & LUIGI for Nintendo’s Super Mario World in 2001…

This commercial was really fun. Although we used the previous YOSHI from another spot, MARIO and LUIGI were built new again for this Super Mario World Gameboy Commercial shoot in the U.S. Virgin Islands. (Also shot on stage in Hollywood.)

Fireball was Super Mario and Yoshi and Bob Clark (our sculptor) was Luigi.

But Mario had two head versions. One normal and one that needed to breath underwater. So a bubble system was rigged to be able to blow bubbles out his mouth. It was cool…

MARIO FACT! The Camera Housing broke on the first day, resulting in the shoot being delayed by 3 days. So we spent 3 extra days out of the 9, lounging. Pretty awesome.


Direct from the set in 2000, we shot just outside Vancouver for this BANJO TOOIE Commercial. Jumped out of the plane at 12,000 ft!!

How we built KAZOOIE for NINTENDO!!

Remember KAZOOIE? “Birds need BEAR to fly…”

NEXT UP! Photos from the set in VANCOUVER and the actual Commercial!

How we built BANJO TOOIE for NINTENDO!!

Yes, and we jumped out of an airplane also. KAZOOIE and SHOTS FROM THE SET next!!