Adam Investigates: 12 Days Gifts on Craigslist (THE ELLEN SHOW)

From The Ellen Show…

Ellen found out that some of her audience members were selling their 12 Days gifts on Craigslist, so she sent her writer Adam to investigate.

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Our Mascot Costume PRANCER revealed on The Ellen Show!!

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Today’s Mascot… WOMEN’S WORLD CUP


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Mascot of the Day! Mr. Stinky…


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KCL designs & builds Virginia’s SHENANDOAH UNIVERSITY Mascot


This is Buzzy, Shenandoah University’s all-new Mascot in Virginia for their Hornet teams. Came out awesome. Big Thanks to Doug at the University for contracting us!

Sand & Jawa Pipsqueaks…


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Doesn’t EVERY kid want to be Snake Plissken??

Snake1 Snake2

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All kids want to be is a SAND PIPSQUEEK…


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FETTBOY is a Sarlac’s worst nightmare…

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When a small can of SOUP really doesn’t cut it… build a BIGGER ONE, or two!


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