EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES! What Nintendo Super Mario game is THIS from…?

We’ve done A LOT of Mario Commercials for Nintendo. And some of these shots have NEVER BEEN SEEN! But what’s the Commercial?? (Hint: Graham Henman was the Director!)

KCL BEHIND THE SCENES! Which Nintendo Commercial was this??

We shot this in ATHENS, GREECE on a ship back in the early 2000’s. But what was the game??

More Kooky Santa HOLIDAY HOT PADS hit the Fireball ETSY Store!

Kathie is a Hot Pad Makin’ Fool! And trust me when I say that she’s whippin’ out these cool Holiday Gift Items at lightning speed! Today brings not only a SURF WOODIE HOT PAD, but BEACH CHRISTMAS!!!

Perfect for your Vintage Trailer, Surf Bus or VDub Van! HOT!! Get ’em quick at the Fireball ETSY Store!


Look at these cool new MASKS, HOT PADS and OVEN MITTS for Christmas!! All available on the Fireball ETSY STORE!

SHIP MASCOT for client Buddy Cruise is finally coming to life!

Kathie’s only a few days away from completing BUDDY Version2 for Buddy Cruise. Covid has put quite a damper on things, but KCL is rubberbanding out the other site and things are looking awesome!

Something else is coming too…

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Kathie starts creating COOL PRODUCTS via The Fireball Store on ETSY!

As with most businesses, these COVID times require creativity to keep going, so Kathie has been busy creating cool PRODUCTS on our new Fireball Store on ETSY. Check it out. Lots more in the store than you see here! MASKS, HOT PADS, OVEN MITTS and many more items coming!

Plus, 10% of proceeds helps Ocean Cleanup and Dog Rescues! Great GIFTS for the Holidays! Stay STRONG out there people!!


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Fireball and Kathie discuss how they shot the 2002 Nintendo Animal Crossing Commercial and building 5 Costumes.

Remember THE GRINCH? Yup… KCL did that.

Sure, we’ve done tons of MASCOTS. But did you know that KCL has been doing SCULPTURE for over 40 years?

We recently just completed a Top Secret Sculpture for Marvel’s VENOM 2, but remember THE GRINCH? Our job was to create SANTA’ SACK…. and here it is!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from KCL Productions!!


This client requested a variety of design variations before settling on the final, seated next to Kathie. Cute!