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KCL Mascots has done hundreds of COSTUMES for LIVE EVENTS. The California Gilroy Garlic Festival, Ventura Country Fair, USVirgin Islands and many others.

Mascots bring joy and fun to FAIRS, FESTIVALS, CONCERTS and more. Let’s talk and create a great Mascot FOR YOU!

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Nintendo MARIO SPORTS MIX Behind the Scenes Commercial!!

Filmed in Chicago and built in Malibu… here’s some BUILD SHOTS, SET SHOTS and the actual Spot for Nintendo’s MARIO SPORTS MIX in 2011…

Here’s some shots FROM THE SET…

Behind the Scenes NINTENDO’s GOLDEN SUN DARK DAWN Commercial!!

This was another spot for Nintendo several years ago… GOLDEN SUN DARK DAWN. Building fake casts… for pretty much everyone. Pretty funny. Check out the actual spot below… >>>

NINTENDO SUPER MARIO BASEBALL Commercial Behind the Scenes!!

Today’s KCL BEHIND THE SCENES goes back to Super Mario Baseball in 2005, shot in Alta Dena. A fun spot that took a day. Be sure to check out the commercial below and SUBSCRIBE TO THE BLOG!

Nintendo’s KIRBY CANVAS CURSE Commercial Behind the Scenes!

Not too many shots for this one as we didn’t have all that much time. But here’s the final commercial below…

NINTENDO’S BOWSER Behind the Scenes Commercial!

Ok, so here we are minding our own business when NINTENDO asks us to build BOWSER. And who are we to say “no?”

So… here’s how we built him for the famous commercial. Overall project took 1 month.


SO THAT’S IT! Super Mario is running for President. And this is where he stands on the issues…

THERE’S NO ISSUES, so just go have some fun this week…


Shot in DTLA over one day, 2002’s YOSHI’S ISLAND was a hit for Nintendo. Another one in the bag…

This costume was used in all other spots.

Nintendo’s SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE Behind the Scenes 2002!!!

A fun spot filmed in 2002 in Vancouver, SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE was just a one day shoot.

Although the commercial itself was a little off-beat below, the experience was fun hanging high in a jet-powered Mario Rocket!

Nintendo’s MARIO PARTY 4 Commercial From the 2002 Set!!!

Big shoot on this one for KCL. In 2002, Mario skied off a rooftop, Fireball almost drown as Yoshi, everyone beat the crap out of each other and Peach just watched. Great time…