Sand & Jawa Pipsqueaks…


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Doesn’t EVERY kid want to be Snake Plissken??

Snake1 Snake2

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All kids want to be is a SAND PIPSQUEEK…


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FETTBOY is a Sarlac’s worst nightmare…

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When a small can of SOUP really doesn’t cut it… build a BIGGER ONE, or two!


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Why don’t you make like a tree & get outta here!!!


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Do you have what it takes to beat THE SKULL TROOPER?


There’s nothing a CAN OF SOUP won’t fix… #props #saralee #bosco #alkaseltzer


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JUST IN!!! KCL to Design & Build Virginia’s SHENANDOAH UNIVERSITY Hornet Mascot…


As of today, KCL Mascots has been contracted to design and Build the Hornet Mascot for Virginia’s Shenandoah University. A very cool project, although we’ve already designed it. The Mascot will be revealed late April!


We tend to make a PIG of ourselves here at KCL…

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