Today’s Mascot… MR. ROBOTO

Did you know that KCL built the original MR. ROBOTO? Um, that would be yes… And it’s today’s MASCOT!


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Today’s Mascots… Nintendo’s ANIMAL CROSSING #animalcrossing #nintendo


We shot this commercial in Canada over a couple days back 2002, the sets being huge and funny. Here’s some Behind the Scenes shots…

OnSet1 OnSet3 (Read on…)

SUPER MARIO Sports Mix Behind the Scenes… #nintendo #supermario #videogame #mario #sportsmix

Morning… Here’s a Behind the Scenes snippet from Nintendo’s SUPER MARIO SPORTS MIX. A spot we shot in Chicago right on Michigan Ave….


Today’s Mascot… LA GALAXY TWIZZLE @LAGalaxy #soccer @MLS @FOXSoccerTrax


Goot Morgonie… Sammy here. Yes, pretty sure I just spoke Netherlandish. But, as I’ve mentioned, I’m a dog so I don’t really know. That’s why I’m going to change the subject to Today’s MASCOT…

This was TWIZZLE. The first Mascot for the MLS Soccer Team The LA Galaxy. We did this quite a long time ago now and have re-designed new ones for them since. (Show those on a different day.) But here’s Fireball’s sketch, too. He was a spaceman. I like Spacemen. I like treats, too.

Twizzle LA Galaxy TwizzleBug&Sammy


Today’s Mascot… MIAMI FUSION SOCCER #miamifusion @miamifusion #soccer @soccer

Gecko 2

Happy Monday! Sammy here…

Sports Teams need Mascots. This we know. And Miami being a big soccer town, they came to us here at KCL to create their cool mascot character. Fireball set to designing, Mom set to building and I set to playing at the park. (I’m a dog. I do that.) Here’s what happened…

MF_Page1 MF_Page2 MF_Page3 MiamiFusion Gecko 1Bug&Sammy@Park copy

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Hey all… Sammy here, and Happy Sunday.

Check out this fun shot of my Mom (Kathie) working on THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU. No, it’s not a reeeeel island. It was a mooooovie. I know this because I’m a dog and dog’s know stuff. What I can’t understand is my Mom’s pants. Those are funky. I would never wear that. But, as I said. I am a dog and I have four legs, not two. So, there is that.

Now, Bug and I are going to just stare at you for a while, so don’t be freaked out.

DSC05383 copy


Today’s Mascots… DIRTY RATS #rats #rat


Although done, many moons ago, this shots from the film RATS always gives me the willies. Although the tagline above is pretty funny, we built these Rats and wore them too. Pretty crazy…

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Behind the Scenes SUPER MARIO 3D World Wii U TV Commercial for NINTENDO…


Happy New Year, everyone! I’m Sammy, and I’ll be your host here at KCL. Yes, I’m a dog, but that doesn’t mean I can’t type. So, as my paws hit the keys, take a look at the latest costume we built for Nintendo. It’s called Catbell and it’s cool. (Even though it’s a cat and I hate cats. Ew.)


KCL creates Mario for Nintendo Game Cube SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE… #supermario #gamecube


Howdy, Sammy here…

I’m a dog. And as a shop dog here at KCL, I get to see my Mom and Tim do some funny things for commercials. But sometimes, they are actually IN the commercial too! Example? Here’s Tim getting hoisted into the air for SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE. No, that rocket pack didn’t actually work. It wasn’t a REAL rocket pack, you silly.

That was fun, unlike me getting my butt trimmed. That was embarrassing…