What kind of MASCOT would YOU want??

Here at KCL, there isn’t anything we cannot build. So, the question becomes… what kind of MASCOT would you want?

Animal, Vegetable or Mineral… the sky is the limit. Let us know how we can help!

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KCL Mascot of the Day… It’s a lotta BULL!

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KCL Mascot of the Day… AUNTIE EATER!

Yes, we have built hundreds of ANIMALS and even an Ant Eater. A Pink Ant Eater. Is there any other kind?

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Mascot of the Day… AL GATORS!

Here’s a couple of KCL ALLIGATORS. One for an Amusement Park and one for the Broadway performance of PETER PAN. 2 very different approaches, but bot fun and successful.

What could we do for you?

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CAT BELL Behind the Scenes for Nintendo’s SUPER MARIO 3D!!

Here we have a few BEHIND THE SCENES shots for the build of CAT BELL for Nintendo. This is the last commercial we did for Nintendo before they shifted their focus to ALL GAME FOOTAGE strategy. The actual commercial is below, so be sure to check it out.

L200 foam covered in fur… pretty much all around.

Captain Pooping HORSE Mascot… What everyone neeeeds

This HORSE was done for Latino Radio Station QBUE in Los Angeles. It was rigged to poop brown tennis balls via a lever in the horse’s back. Yes, he also peed.

The wearer’s legs were the actual horse legs. 😉

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Shenandoah HORNETS Mascot hangs with the Globetrotters…

This MASCOT was done for the Shenandoah Hornets. Came out pretty awesome. Here is is with the Harlem Globetrotters…

SLOTHY THE SLOWMAN for The Ellen Show…

Does YOUR Pup need to be a Mascot?

Animals are out specialty… but DOGS are simply the coolest animal on the planet. Can you see YOUR Pup as a Mascot?

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World’s Biggest GECKO!!!

This BIG guy done for the MIAMI FUSION Soccer Club…

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