Captain Pooping HORSE Mascot… What everyone neeeeds

This HORSE was done for Latino Radio Station QBUE in Los Angeles. It was rigged to poop brown tennis balls via a lever in the horse’s back. Yes, he also peed.

The wearer’s legs were the actual horse legs. 😉

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Shenandoah HORNETS Mascot hangs with the Globetrotters…

This MASCOT was done for the Shenandoah Hornets. Came out pretty awesome. Here is is with the Harlem Globetrotters…

SLOTHY THE SLOWMAN for The Ellen Show…

Does YOUR Pup need to be a Mascot?

Animals are out specialty… but DOGS are simply the coolest animal on the planet. Can you see YOUR Pup as a Mascot?

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World’s Biggest GECKO!!!

This BIG guy done for the MIAMI FUSION Soccer Club…

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Today’s MASCOT from D.C. UNITED!!

Soccer is a big thing here at KCL MASCOTS. Been doing them for years with the LA GALAXY, MIAMI FUSION and many others. This… is the Eagle from D.C. UNITED. Regal, fast and loves to score. What else do you need?

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Had JURASSIC PARK survived… this would have been their MASCOT

This is TYRO. And he’s a snappy dresser besides a big eater. Compliment him, only don’t get to close or you’ll end up a McNugget.

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KCL MASCOTS attracts NUTTY CLIENTS like this…

Sure, we do normal Mascots. But sometimes, KCL attracts Nutty Clients with Nutty Ideas. This, CRAZY DOG was born. Boxey, Cool and Summer ready.

What kind of MASCOT would YOU create??

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Yes, Mascots can run faster than most people. Even Usain Bolt. This guy… Mr. CHEETAH, hits 75mph in 3.2 seconds flat, so watch out for your Scooby Snacks!

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We’ve done hundreds of Custom Animals, but CATS are always fun. These three were done as concepts for a Catfood Commercial in 1994. Sadly, the spot was not greenlit.

Illustrations like this are used to help the client visualize their brands in association to their products. Seeing them come to life is t best part here at KCL.

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