KCL MASCOT of the Day… BEAR Market

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Remember THE GRINCH?? Yup… we did that.

Remember Ron Howard’s THE GRINCH with Jim Carrey? Sure, not only did we do this Big Clanging Monkey, but a bunch of other stuff including Santa’s Sack! (Wait, did I actually just say that?)

Happy Pre-Holidays folks. More stuff comin’ from the World’s Best Mascot Builder!!

HORSIN’ around on set at 3am…

On set at 3am means KCL will do whatever’s necessary to give you the best MASCOT experience. Even if it means horsin’ around between takes. 😉

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Who doesn’t love a TIGGER…

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MASCOT of the DAY! The Miami Fusion LIZARD!

A fun Lizard Mascot for the Miami Fusion Soccer Club, this costume was built from a variety of materials over 3 weeks.

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Mascot of the Day… Women’s World Cup

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MASCOT of the Day… DINKO

This was DINKO done for Mike Young Productions. A quirky little dance character.


We were contracted to do this Whale for a Wrigley’s Commercial. Included a stunt that we were supposed to achieve. ALhtough the Whale came out great, the stunt didn’t go so well and I was sent to the hospital for a neck injury. Check out the video below. The residuals made it worth it… 😉


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KCL recommends Fireball Tim’s BEACHLIFE Coloring Book!

If you love animals as we do here at KCL, then you’ll love this Coloring Book for your kids… or even yourself! 20 Pages of great Ocean, Sea and Beachlife! Get one on Amazon here…