Another fun prop costume for Disney’s WALK THE PRANK TV Show. This time, the world’s largest Meatball!

L200 Foam sculpted, latex painted, rigged.


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MASCOTS of the Day…

JALAPENO! This little tasty pepper was done for a Spanish Commercial and Sports Event. Pretty hysterical, too. Check out the event below.

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MASCOT of the Day… a HAM!

Yes, it’s a HAM. This was done for a film a number of years ago. Not sure the name, or the name of the actor below for that matter (Leave a comment if you know the Actor’s name!) but they wanted a Ham… and they got one. L200 Foam, Sculpted, Painted… to look like a Ham, duh.

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Foods …

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MASCOT of the Day… Yes, a Gummy Bear

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Gummy Bear MASCOTS are delish…

Today’s MASCOTS… A Disney MEATBALL Mascot

This Mascot was done for a recent TV Show as a Prank called “WALK THE PRANK.”

dsc00002dsc00010 dsc00009 dsc00008 dsc00007 dsc00006 dsc00005 dsc00004

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Mascot of the Day! Mr. Stinky…


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Now that’s a TACO SUPREME!!!


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The world can always use more PIZZA…


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Crispy, Crunchy and Oh so good. The TACO. It’s Today’s MASCOT!


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