SHIP MASCOT for client Buddy Cruise is finally coming to life!

Kathie’s only a few days away from completing BUDDY Version2 for Buddy Cruise. Covid has put quite a damper on things, but KCL is rubberbanding out the other site and things are looking awesome!

Something else is coming too…

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KCL busts a BIG #1 MASCOT for the COX CHANNEL…

In the world of TV, numbers are huge. And although a #1 is first in the game, it didn’t seem to be enough for COX in an ever changing landscape. Adios muchachos…

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Great time filming this App Commercial for client EYECON. We’ve been many things… but never an App. Fun stuff! What can we do for YOU?

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Props can be Costumes too! Here’s PG&E’s HELMET!!

Anything can be turned into a MASCOT. The only limit is your Imagination… so what could we do for you?

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Recently, Kathie built this lil’ STARBUCKS CUP for The Ellen Show. Did you see it? Bigger than a Venti for sure!

But Christmas is coming up and she’ll be building the next CHRISTMAS MASCOT like she does every year. What’s it gonna be? Stay toooooned…

KCL’s SoCalGas SUN MASCOT hits the tube in these latest Commercials…

You can finally see Kathie’s SUN MASCOT for SoCalGas hit the airwaves in these spots. Pretty tame compared to our Nintendo Commercials, but fun just the same. Enjoy!

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How can KCL help you with your LIVE EVENT??

KCL Mascots has done hundreds of COSTUMES for LIVE EVENTS. The California Gilroy Garlic Festival, Ventura Country Fair, USVirgin Islands and many others.

Mascots bring joy and fun to FAIRS, FESTIVALS, CONCERTS and more. Let’s talk and create a great Mascot FOR YOU!

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The most Dangerous MASCOT on the Planet…

Ok, so you know Smoking is BAD. And being a Mascot with no arms is BAD. So… THIS IS BAD.

So don’t be a dork. Stop Smoking and use your arms. If you don’t, they will fall off and you’ll have stumps. Then, where will you be?

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KCL MASCOT of the Day…

This was a Mascot Concept done for The Big Photo Show. Unfortunately, the show itself petered, otherwise “SHUTTER” would have been walkin’ around snapping shots.

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KCL Mascot of the Day… Pencil Sharpener!

Remember the Pencil from yesterday? Well… here you go.

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