Shenandoah HORNETS Mascot hangs with the Globetrotters…

This MASCOT was done for the Shenandoah Hornets. Came out pretty awesome. Here is is with the Harlem Globetrotters…

What’s in a FACE? Everything…

Here at KCL, we pride ourselves on good design. And good design starts with the “character” of a costume. Which is why FACES are key.

Being subtle in the Face is an art because that’s where the audience relates. It’s amazing the POWER OF THE SMILE.

COZMO The LA Galaxy Mascot…

KCL has done many variations of the LA GALAXY MASCOT. This one being COZMO. He’s an Alien from another Galaxy, duh. That’s about it.

MASCOT of the Day… LA GALAXY’s Twizzle!

Twizzle from LA GALAXY Soccer Club was their first Mascot back in 2014. A complex Space Muscle Suit, it was fully designed for him to be able to do virtually any gymnastics.

Mascot of the Day… SHENANDOAH HORNETS!!

Mascot of the Day… SUPERBOWL SPIKE!!

Mascot of the Day… Harlem Globetrotter’s GLOBIE

KCL designs & builds Virginia’s SHENANDOAH UNIVERSITY Mascot


This is Buzzy, Shenandoah University’s all-new Mascot in Virginia for their Hornet teams. Came out awesome. Big Thanks to Doug at the University for contracting us!

JUST IN!!! KCL to Design & Build Virginia’s SHENANDOAH UNIVERSITY Hornet Mascot…


As of today, KCL Mascots has been contracted to design and Build the Hornet Mascot for Virginia’s Shenandoah University. A very cool project, although we’ve already designed it. The Mascot will be revealed late April!


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