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Because of the sometimes secretive nature of our business in the film industry, we’ve been forced to remove our phone # due to fan abuse. Please email us for a quote. Thanks!

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  1. Tiffany Nesson says:

    Hi there,

    I left a message on your voicemail too… I want to rent the turkey walk about ASAP. We need one tomorrow, it’s for the TV show Last Man Earth. Is it avail?



  2. Ariel says:

    Hi I been watching videos of the Nintendo mascots and I love them and I was wondering if you still make Nintendo mascots thank you:)

  3. bex mckinley says:

    to whom it may concern
    my name is bex
    and I live in New Zealand
    I was wondering how much a full bodied walk around real life like cat costume would cost in new Zealand dollars and how much would the shipping be to new Zealand?
    I will send you some photos asap of how I would like some of the real life like full bodied cat costumes made
    thank you

    • Hi Bex-
      Thanks for contacting us. In order to give you a price, we’d actually need to see a design. Then, the design/size will determine shipping. We’ve never shipped to NZ and that’s based on weight and size. Generally, the cost of shipping can’t be determined until we begin building. Costumes start at around $6KUS. If you can send us a design at, we can determine a more concrete cost. Thanks.