Our Mascot Costume PRANCER revealed on The Ellen Show!!

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  1. Pat says:

    Who was Prancer? I missed the reveal 🙁

  2. Sue Saltarelli says:

    I saw on one of your sites all the mascots for 12 days of give aways. I only remember seeing one who revealed himself and that was Justin Timberlake. Can you show all the mascots and
    the person who actually wore the costume. I love, love the Ellen show and Ellen!! If I can’t watch it I tape it…the old fashion way VCR, yep you read this right. She makes me laugh, cry and just feel good when I am having a bad day. I wish there were more people like Ellen, it would be a better world. Sue

  3. terri jones says:

    can you tell me the names of all the seasons mascots on your 12 days of give away

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