Had JURASSIC PARK survived… this would have been their MASCOT

This is TYRO. And he’s a snappy dresser besides a big eater. Compliment him, only don’t get to close or you’ll end up a McNugget.

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Robot Mascots like CYBO are the real Superheroes…

This is CYBO. We designed him for a kid’s TV Show back in ’95. A squat little 4-foot Robot that crash landed in a Chicago Alleyway. Thus, becoming friends with the neighorhood kids and learning all about life here in Planet Earth.

Great idea, huh? Still is. But why?

Superhero movie are about fighting, revenge and destruction. But here at KCL, we have a different idea as to what a Superhero can be. A character learning, growing and evolving peacefully. Not everyone agrees as people love destruction.

But just the same, here’s CYBO. An he’s cool.

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KCL MASCOTS attracts NUTTY CLIENTS like this…

Sure, we do normal Mascots. But sometimes, KCL attracts Nutty Clients with Nutty Ideas. This, CRAZY DOG was born. Boxey, Cool and Summer ready.

What kind of MASCOT would YOU create??

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COZMO The LA Galaxy Mascot…

KCL has done many variations of the LA GALAXY MASCOT. This one being COZMO. He’s an Alien from another Galaxy, duh. That’s about it.

The most Dangerous MASCOT on the Planet…

Ok, so you know Smoking is BAD. And being a Mascot with no arms is BAD. So… THIS IS BAD.

So don’t be a dork. Stop Smoking and use your arms. If you don’t, they will fall off and you’ll have stumps. Then, where will you be?

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Yes, Mascots can run faster than most people. Even Usain Bolt. This guy… Mr. CHEETAH, hits 75mph in 3.2 seconds flat, so watch out for your Scooby Snacks!

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We’ve done hundreds of Custom Animals, but CATS are always fun. These three were done as concepts for a Catfood Commercial in 1994. Sadly, the spot was not greenlit.

Illustrations like this are used to help the client visualize their brands in association to their products. Seeing them come to life is t best part here at KCL.

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KCL MASCOT of the Day…

This was a Mascot Concept done for The Big Photo Show. Unfortunately, the show itself petered, otherwise “SHUTTER” would have been walkin’ around snapping shots.

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A fun costume we did for BUDDY CRUISE. Here’s the finish…

KCL MASCOT of the Day… BEAR Market

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