How we built KAZOOIE for NINTENDO!!

Remember KAZOOIE? “Birds need BEAR to fly…”

NEXT UP! Photos from the set in VANCOUVER and the actual Commercial!

How we built BANJO TOOIE for NINTENDO!!

Yes, and we jumped out of an airplane also. KAZOOIE and SHOTS FROM THE SET next!!


As previously mentioned, this was a 1/2 day shoot at Disney Ranch, directed by Mark Story. Our very first KCL Nintendo Spot. Little did we know that we’d be doing this for the next 10 years…

NEXT UP! We build BANJO TOOIE and jump out of an Airplane!!

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YOSHI!! How we built Nintendo’s green Dino…

Yoshi was a fun build and as you may know, we wore the costumes in the Commercials too. Fireball was Yoshi & Super Mario, Bob in Luigi and Kathie in Peach.

Yoshi weighed about 40lbs, built of soft foam and a variety of materials. This was the only one built and used for several commercials. **All costumes are now in Japan with Nintendo!

How we built PIKACHU for SUPER SMASH BROS!!!

PIKACHU (1999) was definitely the hardest Nintendo Character we did. Very subtle shaping was required and Nintendo was VERY picky. Took 3 weeks.

But the final came out great and this one was the only one ever built.

Original SUPER MARIO for SUPER SMASH BROS! How we built him…

Super Mario was a tough build as NINTENDO was adamant about it’s look. Changing from a squat 2D character to human proportions is always tough, but he came out great and this design (although) improved over the years) was the very first MARIO for Super Smash Bros.

Miss Minnesota outfit, foams sculpted head and cast, covered. Foam & Tempo Shoes. MORE COMING!!

Nintendo SUPER SMASH BROS… Behind the Scenes DONKEY KONG!!

We built several DONKEY KONGS over the years, but it all started with SUPER SMASH BROS in 1999. (Subscribe to your Youtube Channel HERE.)

Foam Sculpted head, soft foam body. It was a very comfortable costume… if you were 7 feet tall! DK’s overall height was almost 9′!!

We shot the commercial at The Disney Ranch over 1/2 day with Director Mark Story. Very quick. SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM to see the Commercial…

DK Heads looking for thier eyeballs…


Yes, it’s a JALAPENO Mascot. Why?

Well, because we can and the client wanted to see a Pepper running around a Soccer field. So there…

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Captain Pooping HORSE Mascot… What everyone neeeeds

This HORSE was done for Latino Radio Station QBUE in Los Angeles. It was rigged to poop brown tennis balls via a lever in the horse’s back. Yes, he also peed.

The wearer’s legs were the actual horse legs. 😉

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Shenandoah HORNETS Mascot hangs with the Globetrotters…

This MASCOT was done for the Shenandoah Hornets. Came out pretty awesome. Here is is with the Harlem Globetrotters…