MASCOT of the Day! BUGS!

huggabugauntiebee2 fly1 fly2 huggabug huggabug2 huggabugstoyhuggabugs

A variety of BUGS. Both real and Mascottie!

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Need a Mascot? HUGGA BUG did!

HuggaBugsHuggaBugs2 HuggaBug Flower Dove AuntiBee

Mascots of the Day and KCL NEWS… #SleepyHollow #HuggaBug

News for the Day along with today’s MASCOT? KCL is currently working on episode for SLEEPY HOLLOW. No, it’s not a funny looking headless horseman, but real sculpture. (Although, that would be pretty funny.) Today’s Mascots? THE HUGGA BUG CLUB



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