CAT BELL Behind the Scenes for Nintendo’s SUPER MARIO 3D!!

Here we have a few BEHIND THE SCENES shots for the build of CAT BELL for Nintendo. This is the last commercial we did for Nintendo before they shifted their focus to ALL GAME FOOTAGE strategy. The actual commercial is below, so be sure to check it out.

L200 foam covered in fur… pretty much all around.

What do you get when you mix the TERMINATOR & NINTENDO? …CHRISTMAS #christmasstockings #stockings #terminator


Here’s something you won’t hear every day…

Most jobs here at KCL leave a leftover of certain fabrics. And it’s up to me, Sammy, to use that fabric in a way that isn’t wasteful. So, I suggested to Mom & Tim that we use the TERMINATOR velvet fabric that Mom used to build the interior of the Hearse from Terminator 3 and the Catbell Fur from our last NINTENDO Commercial to make… Christmas Stockings!

So, Mom did. And now we have the world’s coolest Xmas Stockings, EVER! I may be a dog, but I’m smarter than most. At least… I think I am.

Terminator3 NintendoCatbell3 copy