Nintendo SUPER SMASH BROS… Behind the Scenes DONKEY KONG!!

We built several DONKEY KONGS over the years, but it all started with SUPER SMASH BROS in 1999. (Subscribe to your Youtube Channel HERE.)

Foam Sculpted head, soft foam body. It was a very comfortable costume… if you were 7 feet tall! DK’s overall height was almost 9′!!

We shot the commercial at The Disney Ranch over 1/2 day with Director Mark Story. Very quick. SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM to see the Commercial…

DK Heads looking for thier eyeballs…

MASCOT of the Day!! #Nintendo Smash Bros… featuring #Pikachi #SuperMario #Yoshi & #DonkeyKong


Mascot of the Day… NINTENDO’S MARIO KART

DKKart640 OnSet640 Toadie640