MASCOT COSTUME of the Day… 40 Years of MONSTERS!

At KCL, we’ve been building crazy character costumes for 40 years. And here’s some MONSTERS over that time. Can we build a Monster for YOU?

MASCOT of the Day… DINKO

This was DINKO done for Mike Young Productions. A quirky little dance character.

NEWS ALERT! USPS Eaten by Alien Lifeform!

Yes, it happens, folks. Mascots do eat people sometimes and according to reports, the USPS tastes better than UPS. Not sure, but sounds about right.



Hey all… Sammy here, and Happy Sunday.

Check out this fun shot of my Mom (Kathie) working on THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU. No, it’s not a reeeeel island. It was a mooooovie. I know this because I’m a dog and dog’s know stuff. What I can’t understand is my Mom’s pants. Those are funky. I would never wear that. But, as I said. I am a dog and I have four legs, not two. So, there is that.

Now, Bug and I are going to just stare at you for a while, so don’t be freaked out.

DSC05383 copy