Robot Mascots like CYBO are the real Superheroes…

This is CYBO. We designed him for a kid’s TV Show back in ’95. A squat little 4-foot Robot that crash landed in a Chicago Alleyway. Thus, becoming friends with the neighorhood kids and learning all about life here in Planet Earth.

Great idea, huh? Still is. But why?

Superhero movie are about fighting, revenge and destruction. But here at KCL, we have a different idea as to what a Superhero can be. A character learning, growing and evolving peacefully. Not everyone agrees as people love destruction.

But just the same, here’s CYBO. An he’s cool.

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Mascot of the Day… SPACENUTS!

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What this world needs is a little ROBOT… Mascot.

Cybo1 Cybo2 Cybo3 Cybo4

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#FreshPrince meets #ROBOCOP… it’s MASCOT of the Day!! #mascot #cosplay #costume #character #walkaround #robot


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