What do you get when you mix the TERMINATOR & NINTENDO? …CHRISTMAS #christmasstockings #stockings #terminator


Here’s something you won’t hear every day…

Most jobs here at KCL leave a leftover of certain fabrics. And it’s up to me, Sammy, to use that fabric in a way that isn’t wasteful. So, I suggested to Mom & Tim that we use the TERMINATOR velvet fabric that Mom used to build the interior of the Hearse from Terminator 3 and the Catbell Fur from our last NINTENDO Commercial to make… Christmas Stockings!

So, Mom did. And now we have the world’s coolest Xmas Stockings, EVER! I may be a dog, but I’m smarter than most. At least… I think I am.

Terminator3 NintendoCatbell3 copy